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About is part of the Afri Talent group, a pan African leading firm specialising business development through it's people.

The Afri Talent adventure started in 2015 as a startup. Five years down the line we have businesses in Mauritius, Rwanda, a strong Pan African Network and a clients base across all sectors and continents.

Our firm believe is that success can only happen when we grow together, we are deeply animated by the ubuntu spirit of going further together.

In line with our philosophy and the recent catastrophes that have deeply impacted our small island we have decided to extend our support to those who want to take up the challenge and live the dreams. This is the reason we created The objective is to support local SME's, startups, freelancers, women entrepreneurs, expats in Mauritius, unemployed graduates and every unemployed person to make a living by setting up their own business.

Morismade is for everyone living in Mauritius and believes that together we can go further.

For You

For You
Morismade will help

  • Contribute towards improving SME competitiveness and growth by transforming SMEs into agile players with improved creativity, capacity to innovate, productivity, better quality of locally made products, services and resiliency.
  • Nurturing start-ups, fostering entrepreneurship, supporting creativity and innovation.
  • Improve competency levels (knowledge, skills, attitude) , challenge existing structure of interpretation and upgrade human capital to respond to new market demands as well as creating new markets
  • Improve design and value addition by supporting local entrepreneurs in research and development, innovation and brand identity to move into niche markets.
  • Support access to markets through existing networks and developing new ones in Mauritius and Africa
  • Promote Made in Mauritius together with anyone who wants to help


Collaborative Co-Working Space

A fun, collaborative co-working space with everything you need to start. Located at Powder Mill Road, in the historical area of Pamplemousses. You cannot have a more beautiful and greener area than this!

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Business Accelerator Support

We provide you the support to transform your idea into a business!

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Branding and Marketing

We provide you support to build your brand and market your products

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Administrative Support

We provide you the essential administrative support to have your business running and help you focus on business development.

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We provide you support for all the logistics you need to import & export and local delivery.


Business growth is a lot about networking. We will help you connect with the right people to grow your business locally and across Africa.

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We provide you support to build your online store and be able to sell within minutes

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Learning & Development

We will help you build the competencies you need to start and grow your business.

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  • Africa House, Powder Mill Street, Pamplemousses, Mauritius


Building a Consulting Business - 1 Full Day Workshop - Rs 2500

Today’s business environment isn’t focused on 9-to-5, lifelong, static positions like it was decades ago. Our world is constantly shifting and evolving, meaning that businesses (and workers) must evolve with it. As a result of this shift, consultants have more opportunities than ever before. This course will show you how to build a business as a consultant.

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Basics of Business Management – 2 Full Days - Rs 5000

Course Overview Owning a business requires a vision balanced with attention to detail. You need to be a generalist who understands the multiple aspects of running a business, as well as the ability to step back and see the big picture and to reach into the future. The business environment is a complex place to be. Whether you wish to work as a consultant or freelancer, establish a corporation, or set up an operation that meets a need for very particular type of customer, there is a tremendous amount of information that you need to know and to apply. This course provides essential learning for new business owners, whether the business is just in the idea stage or you have already begun and need to fill in the gaps.

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Communications for Small Business Owners - 1 Full Day - Rs 2500

Course Overview Communication between individuals is a two-way street, but communication between a small business and its customers is a multi-lane highway. Navigate this highway successfully and you increase customer numbers and profits. Set out on this highway unaware, ill-prepared, or unconvinced of its importance, and you will lose ground to your competitors.

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