Collaborative Co-Working Space

A fun, collaborative co-working space with everything you need to start. Located at Powder Mill Road, in the historical area of Pamplemousses. You cannot have a more beautiful and greener area than this!

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Business Accelerator Support

We provide you the support to transform your idea into a business!

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Branding and Marketing

We provide you support to build your brand and market your products

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Administrative Support

We provide you the essential administrative support to have your business running and help you focus on business development.

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We provide you support for all the logistics you need to import & export and local delivery.


Business growth is a lot about networking. We will help you connect with the right people to grow your business locally and across Africa.

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We provide you support to build your online store and be able to sell within minutes

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Learning & Development

We will help you build the competencies you need to start and grow your business.

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